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Usually the question what to do during your stay occurs when the estimated period of stay is only 1-2 days, and you need to take advantage of every moment to know the mountains and surroundings better. We can propose you some short picturesque routes to walk on foot so that each of it will take you not more than 1-2 hours.
We always advise to start the observation with as it's called "Beautiful waterfall", there is even a sign with pointers to show the right way. To be precise, the waterfall is called Risyok. Walking up to it will take about 20 minutes, you can climb to the very top of the waterfall and from there get a panoramic view of the mountains, and then go down, going through the woods.
The second most popular route - "Sky Deck " on Mount Kuelporr. In fact, this place wasn't meant to be an observation deck, the beautiful mountain view opens from the large ledge where the walled-up mine gallery is. Mountain Kuelporr is known for 3 nuclear explosions which were made inside of it in 1970-1980s, the aim of them was to explore the new apatite ore extraction methods. Khibiny mountains possess huge apatite mineral deposits which have been extracted for almost 100 years. There is no need to worry about radiation level, as it's normal and is carefully measured by the specialists every year. The Sky deck is easy to walk using a wide road leading straight to it. The route will take you about one hour.
If you wish to climb some of the tops, the easiest ascent is on the mountain Kaskasnyunchorr (approx. 1100 m), the view from the top on the tundra is just awesome. Route takes about 2-4 hours.
The view along the river Kuniyok is also very beautiful. You can go across the bridge to the other side of the river and walk through the woods, the favourite place for campgrounds.
If you go a little deeper into the forest, you can stumble on the most attractive subject for photography — small and very calm slumpy lakes.
Further goes the road to the other Khibinian top — the North Chorgorr (Severniy Chorgorr). If you have no goal to climb to the top, you can just climb the hill a bit and see our hotel and a picturesque bird's-eye panorama.
In our opinion summer-time is the best period for treking. Although, most of attractions nearby can be reached by mountain bike. We provide bikes for rent, and a child seat if you plan to walk with a toddler.
Walk on foot or ride a bike in summer is also the best way to enjoy picking up huge amount of edible mushrooms and berries, it will be difficult to resist so many temptations!
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