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If your planned stay is only a few days, we usually recommend some short routes for snowshoes or ski walk. First of all we propose to walk on foot or by ski to the Risyok fall (3 km roundtrip), climb to the observation deck at the foot of the mountain Kuelporr (4 km roundtrip) or walk through the woods along the riverbank Kuniyok. A ski trip to the lake Goltsovoye (8km one way) is not very complicated. You can also choose a ride through the woods in the direction of the waterfall - the paths are usually well-trodden by numerous snowmobiles. We can provide you with ski equipment and snowshoes if necessary.
The most convenient means of transportation during long Khibinian winter is a snowmobile, riding it makes every corner of Khibiny mountais accessible. We can help you in organizing small snowmobile trips, you should only warn us about your plans in advance.
We are often asked, when is the most likely time to see the northern lights in our area. Usually there is always a chance to observe it, exept the polar day period (June-July). There are a variety of resources to learn geomagnetic activity forecast in northern latitudes, such as this one. The most likely period to see aurora borealis is in the evening, from 9pm till midnight, so the clear cool weather can be the reason to keep handy camera nearby, this exeptional beauty should not be missed!
In bad weather, there is always a variety of choice to find entertainment for everyone in our hotel. We have a huge movie collection and table-top games. You have a chance to take a steam bath (real russian Banya) with a plunge into the icy mountain stream, grill meat (shashlyik) in the gazebo with panoramic mountain view, or just have a chat near hot fireplace in cosy atmosphere.
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