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Rooms and rates


We offer two types of rooms — "Standard" and "Economy". Its capacity is 2-6 people per each room. The hotel capacity is 25 people.

"Standard" (4 rooms) — twin or triple rooms on the 1st floor (triples have a bunk-bed), shower/WC is in the room.

"Economy" (4 rooms) — spacious rooms (4-6 people capacity) with bunk-beds, shower/WC is in the hall.

  "Standard"   "Economy"  
2500 rub. per person/Day 1800 rub. per person/Day

Pre-school children (under 5) stay free of charge, 5-10 year old — 50% of the cost.

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Breakfast (butter, cheese, ham, cereal, second course, bread, tea/coffee) — 400 rubles
Lunch (salad, 1st course, 2nd course, compote, bread) — 700 rubles
Dinner (salad, hot dish, pastry, bread, tea/coffee) — 600 rubles

Hotel guests have 24 hours access to tea/coffee bar.


Our hotel works seasonally, this is due to the fact that in May-June and October-mid-December the road to the hotel is impassable by any kind of transport. The winter season lasts from the end of December till the of April or the beginning of May, the summer season begins in July and lasts till mid-September.

Snowmobile is the only means of transport to get to the hotel during winter-time. In summer we simply use a car.

The distance between Kirovsk-city and the hotel is 15 km. The road to the place has lots of breathtaking shooting-objects around such as a mountain valley Kukisvoumchorr, mountain group Poachvoumchorr and two beautiful lakes – Dlinnoye (long lake) and Serdcevidnoye (heart-shaped lake).

Transfer price (one way):
Snowmobile (max 3 people per unit capacity):
for hotel guests — 5000 rubles
for those who do not plan to check in the hotel — 6000rubles
  Off-road bus (max 8 people capacity):
Kirovsk - Kuelporr — 4500 rubles
Apatity - Kuelporr — 5000 rubles
for those who do not plan to check in the hote-6000 rublesl

Important notice

The hotel has no mobile network and internet access
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