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Located in picturesque Khibiny Mountains the Kuelporr hotel has everything to enjoy sport-adventures and explore the beauty of polar region. There is neither chair/T-bar lifts nor urban environment nearby, but there are endless possibilities for freeride, ski touring, and snowmobile adventures.

Our hotel is just 40 minutes drive by snowmobile from Kirovsk-city in winter, or 1 hour drive by car in summer. Breathtaking mountain views, forest, rapid river Kuniyok, peace and tranquility – everything necessary for a good rest is provided! Just 15 minutes walk from the hotel you will find a waterfall and a beautiful panoramic view.Everything freezes in the winter, but the ice covered with snow will be a perfect target for photographers. Anyway dramatic beauty of shooting objects are always at your disposal, no matter what time of the year it is.

We are far away from loud urban environment but we have everything necessary for a comfortable stay!

We offer comfortable stay in one of our eight rooms : 4 "Standard" rooms with 2-3 people capacity and 4 "Economy" rooms for up to 6 people . Each “Standard” room has a shower and toilet inside the room; "Economy" rooms don't have such facility, toilet/shower is in the hall.

Our hotel is the best place to relax after a long walk or hike, eat tasty russian dishes, watch a lovely movie, or enjoy party games in our wonderful gazebo with fireplace and mountain view from floor-to-ceiling-window. Moreover during your stay you may be lucky to observe Polar Light (Aurora Borealis), frequent phenomenon in this area.

Important information - we do not work all year round, this is due to the fact that in May-June and October-mid-December the road to the hotel is impassable by any kind of transport. The winter season lasts from the end of December till the end of April or the beginning of May, the summer season begins in July and lasts till mid-September. Exact time of hotel closure depends on weather conditions.

Welcome and enjoy your stay in our hotel!
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